[Xposed] Android N-ify – Use Android N features on Lollipop+ devices!

I present to you my new module: Android N-ify! It allows you to use several features introduced in Android N on your Lollipop and Marshmallow device!

The module supports the new settings dashboard with subtitles that show you the most important information. Your notification shade will be completely redesigned to match the new look in Android N. This includes the new Quick Settings and header design. Quick Switch (double-tapping the recents button to quickly switch to the previously used app) also got implemented. More features will be supported in upcoming updates.

Have a look at this module in the support thread! There you can also find some additional information about what’s supported, what will be supported in newer versions and what’s impossible to implement.

5 thoughts on “[Xposed] Android N-ify – Use Android N features on Lollipop+ devices!”

  1. Hello, my English is very poor, but I have an important bug when I use ANDROID N-IFY , please carefully read my question and fix it.
    When I open only one application,
    the first time I double tap , Quick swich is work.
    But I double tap again, the desktop system is crashed.
    Can you understand what I say? please email me …
    herolip@gmail.com or lpsky@163.com

  2. Awesome work bro.. Working soo gud so far.. Using z2 and z1.. No issues except with the placement of #edit tile. When can we expect 0.3 release.. And quick reply feature with that release?

    1. I can’t say an exact date of the release because there are still many bugs to fix, but if you already want to test the new features you can install a snapshot build from the second post in the XDA thread. 0.3.0 probably won’t include Quick Reply yet.

  3. Es excelente el módulo de N-ify, por favor no abandones tu importante labor por qué este módulo va por muy buen camino me encanta y se que ámbitos usuarios también.

    Quisiera preguntarte si es posible integrar funciones aparte; como por ejemplo: respuesta rápida desde la status bar, organizar la posición de los iconos de la barra de notificaciones y las animaciones de android N en la barra de notificaciones para android lollipop 5.1 asi como también la opción de multiventana que para mi concepto es lo mas pedido o mas deseado por todos los que usamos este increíble módulo Xposed, como también la opción de información de la batería..

    Se que estamos pidiendo demaciado. Pero es que tu trabajo es tan importante y se que estas en la capacidad de hacer todo esto.. Ya que todo el trabajo que has hecho con el módulo es excelente. …

    Espero puedas responder a mi correo. Att : CRISTIAN LÓPEZ

    1. Hi, Glad you like the module! I’ll respond in English because I don’t know Spanish.

      Quick Reply is in developement, but won’t be included yet in the next release (0.3.0). The Quick Settings will have the new animation and the battery tile shows a graph if you click it.
      Multi-Window won’t be possible to implment because some backend stuff got changed that I can’t modify with Xposed.
      I don’t know yet when exactly the update will be released because I’m currently mainly fixing bugs and improving things.


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