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[Xposed] Android N-ify – Use Android N features on Lollipop+ devices!

I present to you my new module: Android N-ify! It allows you to use several features introduced in Android N on your Lollipop and Marshmallow device!

The module supports the new settings dashboard with subtitles that show you the most important information. Your notification shade will be completely redesigned to match the new look in Android N. This includes the new Quick Settings and header design. Quick Switch (double-tapping the recents button to quickly switch to the previously used app) also got implemented. More features will be supported in upcoming updates.

Have a look at this module in the support thread! There you can also find some additional information about what’s supported, what will be supported in newer versions and what’s impossible to implement.

[Xposed] Contributed to the module “Settings Injector”!

Settings Injector is a module that – as the name suggests –¬† injects your installed Xposed modules into the settings app. This is a nice handy shortcut: Instead of searching the Xposed installer on your home screen and navigating to the installed modules you just have to open the settings and scroll down.

At the time of writing the last version was released 3 months ago and wasn’t working for everyone, so I decided to update the module myself. I added support for Lollipop and CM devices, removed the root requirement, fixed icon tinting and added an option to display the Xposed description of the modules in the settings.

The pull request got merged almost instantly – huge thanks back to @arilotter for that! You can have a look at the module in its support thread.

[Xposed] LockMod – Tweak your Lollipop+ lockscreen!

I’m proud to present you my first Xposed module (and in general my first ever released app): LockMod.

This module allows you to modify your lockscreen and do some crazy stuff with it, for example change the colors and sizes of your pattern, change some timings and even choose between 3 rainbow shaders! Additionally, you can change several timing options and set different animation interpolators.

Because this is an Xposed module, you’ll need the Xposed framework installed for it to work. More information can be found in the support thread.